One who fears, lives not.
                                                   Better be a bit crazy, than just a bit smart.

Sunday, August 08, 2004

Nothing to win and nothing left to lose

Those were the days, my friend, we hoped that they would end... whatta parody, right? Perhaps not, and than again, when you think about it: You are free only when you have nothing to win and nothing left to lose... and that's the way we were - all of us, Prince and Pauper, Policeman and Thief. Every single soul was unescapeably cought up in the chains of the Machine that was remodeling surface of our world. And yet, we were free to express, free of fear, free of inequality. Destiny sucked the same for all of us, you never knew if a Wheel of Life is going to spin your lucky number, is it going to happen now or tomorrow.

One has a couple of choices, in times when circumstances say that no choice is left: you can either get yourself upset about situation that you can't change, oooooooooor - you can, simply, not get upset with it. You can either believe in yourself, or not believe. You can do it, the question is are you going to do it or you're just gonna sit and whine about yourself?


Jay said...

i'm not going to do it nor am i going to whine. I'm gonna find something better to do, something that pleases me, because this is my life and i'm in control and i choose what i want to do, NOT u or anyone else for that matter. MOhahahahahah

Anonymous said...

Well, I guess you get it - you can choose for yourself. That is alright, that is the first step. But how free are you, really? Truly? You get to be free only when you have nothing to lose...