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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Distinction of Church and Belief

Hey hey hey, who would say that *(my) Pope is a fascist. Well, anyone who has something inda head, not just vacuum. Why?
Well, it is very clear that Pope's message , the other day, did not aim at spreading love and peace. It'd be differently pronounced, formed, directed and said. But no, Popie prefers quoting medieval authors. Yeah, like, they were the sun and the starts of all intellectual advancement ever, so he finds them appropriately quotable. He prefers ranting about Muhammad, instead of talking some love and shinny happiness into people.

Never mind, who listens to such an old prick anyhow? Well, seems like many. Me myself, I'd never give him an ounce of trust. Why, you ask? Well, I was 15 when civil war burst out in my country. It was an option for me to join the army, both leftist or right-handed. Options were numerous: from a Patriotic League, to HOS, HVO, Chetnicks, Ustasha's, Jihad Fighters - you name it, we've had it in the town. Yes, I've spent 1260 days of siege in Sarajevo, capital of Eastern hemisphere... there were many looking for blood-thirsty, confused peons, to put guns in their hands, to make them believe whatever they wanted to indoctrinate them with... And I, myself, being aaaa... young adult, is that how you call 15-years old?
I knew much much better, than to join Nazi youth. Well, seems like our Pope have had no choice, in his age of 14, but to join Hitler's Youth. It says Hitlerjungend was mandatory, especially after 1942. Well, guess what, army was mandatory in Sarajevo. Another thing - draft was implemented so rigorously that only 2% of the males in my town managed to escape army and draft process, this way or another. I managed, well. Pope didn't. His bad. He didn't know better. Or, just maybe, he wasn't so much against it. Or, he was, like, passively giving his resistance. In the head. Like, thinking badly about bad bad Nazis. Or, just perhaps, sharing some of their views. Like the one that Moslems and Mohammad are no-good-son's-of-biatches, Jews are greedy and bad-bad-mofuggers, etc. We all know what were they preaching, anyways, Pope Retardict is our problem, nowadays. What does that fugger think, does he think at all, is he ashamed of himself at least a little bit?

Now we get to the problem of Church. Me, as a Catholic, I get right to rant about those papal-ass-lovers hypocrites. And, of course, to rant about their ex-Nazi Chief of the Party.
It is time, it was time already, long ago, to draw that line: Distinction of Church and Belief. C'mon, people, don't be morons: Church has abandoned Jesus long ago, if it was ever under His umbrella at all. Why not? Well, ain't it obvious? First of all, all the money and the power is really shitty thing to hold on - isn't their job to ensure our blessings in the after-life, not to ensure their own blessing in the earth-life? I’ve seen to many fat greasy richie-rich priests, driving around in limos, having golden frames on their blurred glasses, carrying around their golden crosses, dressed up in shiny sparky clean robes… their little piggy eyes, deep inda head, rubbing their palms together, trying to decide which youngster to molest next… all this has nothing to do with Jesus, in fact it is so far from his doctrine that Church and Jesus shouldn’t go into the same paragraph of text, let alone in the sentence. Belief and Church have separated long long ago, if they ever went together, at all. It is the last minute for us to do so, in our heads and hearts. Leave those hypocrites behind, strive toward Jesus and his heart.

It is so hard to do what’s right instead of doing what’s easy.

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