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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Form vs. content

I am sooooooo upset... no, nah, the word is pissed off, with my immediate environment. With citizens of Balkans, in general, and mostly with Bosnian fuggers. Why, you wonder? Well, if you lived here and have had more than 2 grams of brain, you'd probably be revolted for the same reasons: everybody insists on the form, nobody cares about content, essence, substance.... e.g. I work for the govt. institution - dress code says we have to be in dark suits, with the tie, and don't even think about having a Disney tie or something. Gotta be checkered or some other dull pattern, can't be fun. On the other hand, war criminals sit in our Parliament. Or their children, who nurture memories of their genocidal parents over media, on regular basis.

Wanna know more? Lemme go puke, I'll be back, to rant more.

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